Useless Matt…..

…..Bought Me a lovely pair of new shoes a week or so ago…So as a special treat I decided to make a photo set for him to buy.

27 Perfect Photos of My new Red Heels…and long legs in Pantyhose….


I dont think he’ll mind too much if you all buy them too…. run along now….

…..and while you have your wallet out there’s also a new clip up for sale…..


I can slit you right up the middle, pull you out..PIECE BY PIECE . . . I’ll take your PRIDE, your MONEY, your FRIENDS, your FREEDOM, your LIFE. …..


2 thoughts on “Useless Matt…..

  1. Goddess, you are becoming always more addicting and i can’t really help myself to not thinking of you, to your holy feet (heaven on earth) and to your wicked laugher (taking advantage of our weakness).

    Your homepage title is: “I want everything you own”, and now the title of this clip is: “I’ll take your pride, your friends, your money and your life”. Well I have to admit that you are going straight to your goals… You know its not easy to admit to loose the own pride after loosing a lot of friends and relatives (only for watching your clips waiting to see you on webcam). The truth is that, after few month of approaching to you, my life is changing, you and your feet are becoming the center of my tought (my prefered dream is sniffing the scent of your sweaty feet, kissing, licking and worshiping), and i don’t know how much can i still resist… what will hapen to me after my unconditional surrender?


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