Useless Matt…..

…..Bought Me a lovely pair of new shoes a week or so ago…So as a special treat I decided to make a photo set for him to buy. 27 Perfect Photos of My new Red Heels…and long legs in Pantyhose….   I dont think he’ll mind too much if you all buy them too…. run […]

Members and idiots…

Firstly the idiots…. If you read My contact page, youll notice some simple, easy to follow instructions. Go on, go have a look…   Ive been searching for the last few minutes, and I cant find the part where it says ‘ totally ignore these instructions and email Me anyway’. I wonder if someone would […]

Blackmailed and Trapped (clip)

What do I care about freaks?..…money…. pure hard cash… And who will give it to me? That’s right, you will, because you’re weak and timid and good for nothing else but to be my personal piggy bank, and just as soon I have you blackmailed and trapped, I will take everything…. Clip runs for nearly […]


Dont you just love this landing in your inbox first thing in the morning…. Oh sorry I forgot, it doesnt happen to you does it…. Just Me then…. I will be around all day today, if you dont have My yahoo BUY IT  I may even make a couple of new clips if youre very […]


Piggy was yet another idiot who thought he was clever…..but we all know that actually, you losers arent that clever are you…. He has succeeded today in pissing Me off….bad move. You see piggy came into My cam room yesterday, and  I kindly allowed him to view for a few minutes for free. He was […]

Back soon….

Worms, freaks and idiots, The Goddess will be back soon…. I have been feeling a little better these last couple of days, so as long as nothing gets worse, I aim to be back online regularly from the beginning of next week…. I will hopefully get some new photos and clips done too…. See you […]