Easy boy and other worms….

Easy boy works at the easy bank. Hes always around with a smile on his face when I want to make

withdrawals from MY bank account. hahahaa

He never speaks…he turns on his yahoo and that is when I know the bank is open to withdraw My cash.

I send him pay mails on nf, and then let him know the mails are waiting using yahoo…and easy boy opens the bank and sends My money…without a word…..




At the moment easy bank is only open about once a week….but I think easy boy needs to work harder and open every day… Goddess needs access to HER accounts at all times….

I also forgot to mention a couple others on My last journal post….

Loser bought Me and My man a new outfit each for Christmas, and I very kindly sent him a picture of us together….

Eric on niteflirt continues to be a very good puppy and send Me more and more….despite wifey trying her very best to spend My money….

Oh and a bad boy I totally forgot about….useless matt, also known as Matt Hilton….dont think youve got off lightly…your time will come….very soon.

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