Christmas was an amazing time. I took thousands from My pets and enjoyed spending the money over the holidays, in between relaxing with family and friends.

There are, however, a couple of My little failures that for some reason didnt manage a Christmas tribute, or decided to ignore Me…

Ian was a good boy, and crawled back quickly when he saw My previous post. I first took £300 amazon GC….then I helped Myself to another £100 from his paypal, using teamviewer.








Nick tried…but not quite hard enough.

You see he bought My blackmail contract, and promised to fill it in that evening….and you boys know what I hate most of all….thats right, broken promises.

After hours of begging, panicking and vomiting, when I found all his info without him sending the form, he then sent a little cash, with promises of more as soon as he could get it.

Nick… its time for more…..Im waiting. hahahahaha

Ax… what can I say, you know I hate to be ignored…does anyone want to give ax a call? 0018195620455…I think the 001 is what is added to call from the uk….

FH….I dont think I gave you a name….but lets just call you ‘fucked’ for now.

This little muslim boy promised Me his birthday money that his family had given him…..then didnt even send a Christmas tribute, and has ignored Me since. What a naughty boy you are Fahad Hamid. I must remember to post you a ‘must try harder’ badge…..

Oh cuck….dont think you can be clever and run away now after our little discussions..I thought I explained the rules to you, dont make Me have to hurt you….

Wormy has been tossed aside as he is no use to Me anymore. In fact hes been no use to Me for a while now since losing his job, but I have kindly allowed him to sit in on cam occasionally….that was until a couple weeks back.

Wormy offered to buy Me a gift for Christmas. He also asked if I could go on cam so he could send it while kneeling at My feet. I wasnt available for cam at the time….so he didnt send the gift. You can imagine My disgust.  I wonder what on earth made wormy think that this is all about what he wants?

I forgot to post the photo of robs £750 cash tribute….so here it is…

Maik crawled back onto yahoo for a chat just before Christmas and bought Me some champage…


Kuk is still being a very good boy. He sent £500 for Christmas, which was most of his Christmas bonus ( I kindly allowed him to keep 100 for himself) and also recently wrote this devotion post.

Supreme Goddess Greed,

i was fortunate enough to download Your latest clips, namely: “Blackmailed at Christmas”, “Financially fucked in the new year”, and “Caged (extreme financial domination)”.

They were electrifying…. You, Supreme Goddess, really pushed the concept of financial domination and of slave’s submission to an extreme level. I could not help but watching them one after the other, my mouth half-opened, watering, while Your wonderful voice mesmerized me even more into submission…..

The rest of the post can be read HERE on My devotions site .

Another recent devotions post was from new boy brains.

Dear Goddess Greed:

It all happened so innocently, so effortlessly that it was meant to be. One sight of her beauty on niteflirt, the provocative pose, the legs of a goddess, her flowing  hair, she was the epitome of perfection and at that moment irresistible. All of my body became possessed by her beauty and drawn to contact her.  Goddess obliged in her firm yet gentle nature and took time to welcome me into her harem of willing devotees.  She is as beautiful and domineering on webcam as I had hoped.  I was in the presence of the perfect feminine form and I felt any ability to resist her charm and intelligence fall away.  I was now wrapped around her finger….

The rest of this post can also be read HERE on My devotions site

I think thats about all you deserve for now…I may write more soon….

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