Firstly a treat….

Now youre in the right frame of mind lets move on quickly to more important things…like Christmas.

Tributes and gifts are already pouring in…. I really must get some photos taken, along with some festive ones of Myself…

Kuk is sending most of his Christmas bonus this week…..£500 plus buying a gift from My wishlist.

Loser is buying a new outfit for Me and My man.

Rob ( yes hes back again!) is bringing £250 shoes and My favourite vodka…

Useless matt is sending £200

Unknown loser bought champagne from My wishlist.

Pablo bought a necklace and champagne from My wishlist.

Dan bought a necklace from My wishlist

Lots of insignificant Niteflirt losers sent tributes….

The list goes on and on…. and now its your turn.

Amazon Gift Certificates can be purchased HERE.  My wishlist can be found HERE


Niteflirt tributes can be sent HERE

You have NO excuse.

Webcam will be on tomorrow evening (Thursday) at around 7pm uk time….if you havent already sent My pressie I may have to gently persuade you….




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