Indian Idiot

You worms really are amusing sometimes.

I have just received an email from the contact form on My website.

‘am john from newyork..working as cashier in mcdonalds and my earning is $7000 per month…i am very fetish in realtime slave sessions and i love to be money slave,human atm, cuckold,blackmail,whipping,spanking,hard beating,footlicking,public humilation..and all kind of slave activities…this pathetic tiny dick 1.8 inch is waiting for your reply..please accept me to give a chance to be your slave..:)’


Hmm $7000 a month from Mcdonalds??? hahahahah …..and Hmmm doesnt the accent coming through there remind you a little

of those fucking annoying indians that get everywhere online these days?

So I looked at who had been on My contact page at exactly that time, oh and look….

hahahaha…. Obviously someone wrote ‘gullible cunt’ on My forhead when I wasnt looking….

Now mohammed, or abdul, or whatever your real fucking name is….fuck off and dont bother Me again..or I will be forced to block your stinking ip address.

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