Unfortunately for you all I have a life over Christmas, unlike you, so I havent been around much over the last few days, I will be back to normal as from either January 1st or 2nd, and am looking forward to writing a new bad boy post. I would suggest if you think youve been […]


Firstly a treat…. Now youre in the right frame of mind lets move on quickly to more important things…like Christmas. Tributes and gifts are already pouring in…. I really must get some photos taken, along with some festive ones of Myself… Kuk is sending most of his Christmas bonus this week…..£500 plus buying a gift […]

Indian Idiot

You worms really are amusing sometimes. I have just received an email from the contact form on My website. ‘am john from newyork..working as cashier in mcdonalds and my earning is $7000 per month…i am very fetish in realtime slave sessions and i love to be money slave,human atm, cuckold,blackmail,whipping,spanking,hard beating,footlicking,public humilation..and all kind of […]

Card and key….

  For those of you worms who are brave enough to lock that midget dick up in chastity, and send Me the key, together with your credit card for My use…Ive made it easy for you…. Instructions are simple. Print out the above image, fill it in, stick on credit card and chastity key, and […]