Feed My Greed…

Firstly a treat….

You see what Im holding in My hands worm?

Its your cash….right where it belongs….

I spent the day yesterday making a few clips, and photos. Changing into various dresses, different shoes, pampering Myself, and enjoying every minute.

What did you spend the day doing loser? Working hard I hope, earning money….so I can buy more pretty dresses, and more heels which will enable Me to take even more money from you.

Its a perfect circle.

Christmas is coming up, time for Me to take even more than usual…lots of gorgeous gifts to pop under My tree, piles and piles of wrapped boxes, with amusing little messages from addicted freaks.

Ive added a few new items to MY WISHLIST  and Ill be adding more over the next couple of weeks, I want as many as possible bought, and I want them gift wrapped. Amazon will give you an option at checkout to gift wrap, make sure its done. Anything that arrives between now and Christmas that isnt gift wrapped will be sent back.



I have quite a few photo sets that I havent yet added to My members area. I will be getting that done today… I suggest you run along and join, especially as My main gallery page here is going to be removed in the next couple of weeks.

Ive decided you lurkers dont deserve a gallery. If you want to view My perfect photos, youll need to join the members area . If you dont join you go without, simple.

Dont forget My Phone Site

My lines are on most of the time. Be sure to have your wallet close by, or better still popped in your mouth so I dont have to listen to your voice…

New clips are up for sale….


A quick 2 minute click to remind you how very easy you are… I can use these heels to take exactly what I want from you, when I slide them on my perfect feet, and you look up at my long soft legs, youre fucked….




The end of the year is approaching, and what a perfect time for you to start your new life. New year, new meaningful life….we’ll start off slowly…but before you know it youll be way down the most exciting road youve ever travelled, with no way back. you will surrender yourself completely to ME……



How do you like your new home loser? Its made from the finest metal, you should be proud! You can curl up in here happy in the knowledge that ill be getting a good price for your house…..hahaha Clip contains EXTREME FINANCIAL DOMINATION, HEEL WORSHIP, LEG WORSHIP, FINANCIAL RUIN, PANTYHOSE



Its getting close to my favourite time of the year….but you thought you could run didnt you worm? Now this Christmas is going to be the worst Christmas of your life… This clip contains BLACKMAIL, HIGH HEELS, LEG WORSHIP, FINANCIAL DOMINATION, GODDESS WORSHIP




Buy them all….in fact buy them several times….and then several more times….

and for those of you who dont/cant buy clips, or are too cheap to pay for the clips, Ive kindly made some MP3s …. be sure to use headphones and turn it up real loud, so My words penetrate every part of you…..

Ive even kindly made you a small preview of each one….

Blackmailed at Christmas MP3




Financially fucked for New Year


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