I want….

Firstly freaks worms and idiots….Im off out tonight with a few female friends, for dinner, and then a club…

All boys that click and pay the tribute button below to pay towards it will receive photos of the evening….


All the boys that dont click and pay towards it will get to know that youre even more useless than you originally suspected….


I want a credit card. Not just any credit card…YOUR credit card.

I want to be able to use it whenever I desire. For lovely new shoes, new outfits, lunch with friends, bottles of champagne, take aways for cosy winter nights in…whatever, and whenever I want.

I want to call you, or text you, whenever Ive just used your card, and laugh at you, telling you what Ive bought, and how much its just cost you. I want to get My friends to speak to…while we’re out enjoying ourselves with your cash.

In fact I dont just want one card, I want a collection. A whole collection of shiny cards, from a whole collection of idiot losers like you….

and boys….what happens when Goddess wants?

I think only one thing could possibly make this more perfect, and thats receiving your chastity key in the same envelope as the card…..Mmmmm

I would suggest you consider this idea whilst watching a couple of My new clips….


I know how all My regular boys have been patiently waiting for another cum countdown clip….needing to focus on my gorgeous long legs, and hearing My voice telling you to stroke….follow the simple instructions, and get ready to cum on demand…. CLIP CONTAINS PANTYHOSE, ORGASM CONTROL, LEG WORSHIP, HEELS, GODDESS WORSHIP



UPDATE: I just informed useless matt that I think he’ll be the first to send Me his card, and this was his reply :

I’m going to hand over my cock to you and be getting bills from your

nights out or shopping or anything you choose to spend on.

And it's all really turning me on.

And know i won't ever get thought of in any other
way than a sad loser'

Yes, thats pretty much it….

3 thoughts on “I want….

  1. trying to hide, Goddess – but i don´t manage to stay away from Your site so far – and when i´ve been here i can´t get the image of You crossing Your perfect legs out of my little brain


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