Feed My Greed…

Firstly a treat…. You see what Im holding in My hands worm? Its your cash….right where it belongs…. I spent the day yesterday making a few clips, and photos. Changing into various dresses, different shoes, pampering Myself, and enjoying every minute. What did you spend the day doing loser? Working hard I hope, earning money….so […]

I want….

Firstly freaks worms and idiots….Im off out tonight with a few female friends, for dinner, and then a club… All boys that click and pay the tribute button below to pay towards it will receive photos of the evening….   All the boys that dont click and pay towards it will get to know that […]

A little news….

If you havent already seen them, there are 3 new clips up for sale: 5 Reasons I get and wifey doesnt this Christmas This Christmas I intend on getting whatever I want.. and you know I always do…so Ive made you this clip just to remind you of some of the reasons why you will […]


Firstly I have uploaded a new clip today. Your first instruction is of course to buy it…. Final Step To Blackmail I know youve wanted it for so long, but you need a little push dont you loser. Just a gentle nudge in the right direction ….and then you can finally know how fucking good […]