News and Photos for Lonely Freaks….

Ive spent the whole day uploading photo sets and adding them to various sites, Im so very bored of it now, in fact almost as bored as I am of you.

You can show your appreciation by popping your wallet in your mouth and buying as many of them as possible…and then some more…

    Photo Set 35 Foot Freak Heaven

A treat for foot freaks, 13 photos of My bare feet…on your knees and LICK!


    Photo Set 34

24 Photos. Black Dress, Black patterned pantyhose, and classic black heels…These photos will leave you begging for more!


    Photo Set 33, Legs and Feet in Pantyhose

11 photos, Legs and feet in nude and black patterned pantyhose…heaven!


    Photo Set 32 Pantyhose and Open toe heels

15 Photos, Black dress, nude pantyhose, My favourite Black open toe heels….you can almost reach out and touch My perfect legs…AMAZING set!

Now for the news, I have lots, so where to start….Hmmm, Tony I think.

No not you dumb…..another Tony, Mr Curthoys in fact…Im just wondering who you are. You see when you decided to run, and delete your account like a scared little puppy, and disobeyed by not carrying out the instructions I gave you, I did a little search to see what I could find out about you. I thought I recognised the name you see, and when a photo of you popped up, I remembered seeing that ugly face before some time ago.

Now the thing is, I dont remember cheap boys…so Im thinking, I must have taken  a substantial amount from you, which brings on My Greed, and My Greedy hand starts to get very impatient….

I trust youll be back sometime very soon….


Oh I almost forgot, a little warning for you all…buying My photos can, and probably will lead to brain malfunction, as gorg found out last night.

It all started with buying a $10 photo set from Nite Flirt…..but then poor gorg found he couldnt escape.

After one hour he had sent several pay mails….

….and then he ran…. Until this morning…..


‘Please Goddess,

make me your slave to use as you wish, make it difficult form me to run away. i am like whore that has to pay to his Pimptress


Hmmm tough decision…. ha ha ha ha ha


Oh and last week jay popped back just long enough to spend £500 on amazon GC’s.

He called Me and told Me a few more of his nasty secrets…also how hes put on weight, and I reminded him that if he puts on any more weight he wont be able to see his tiny cock at all under the rolls of piggy fat.

He then confessed that he wanted to listen to Me pee…

Well I couldnt disappoint him could I… If  jay wants to hear Me pee, then he shall hear Me pee….or rather he shall hear Me pour a glass of water down the toilet while telling him Im peeing. Hahahaha. He still doesnt know, so shhhhhh!


Kuk has been waiting very patiently for Me to add his new post ‘getting into debt for Goddess’

So, here it is

I was recently honoured by Goddess with an entry in her journal about me and my recent tribute, and I am really grateful to Goddess for that. I was tributing Goddess regularly, and she had agreed that a weekly tribute of about £70/week would be appropriate, since, based on my not exceptional salary, I could not really push it higher than that.

Some weeks ago, during one of our delicious and stimulating chats, Goddess came up suddenly with “kuk, I have an idea….”. My heart skips a beat every time I read or hear that from Goddess…. I know that all Goddess’ ideas come at a price…

Goddess explained to me that She would be much happier in receiving a larger sum of money rather than a trickle of weekly tributes, and that I should take care of that. I do not have any savings to speak of, so Goddess told me that my best option was to take a loan at my bank. Which of course I did…

Initially, Goddess had thought of £ 3,000 as a suitable tribute, but it became quickly clear that I should strive harder, and a couple of weeks later, after I had negotiated the loan, £ 4,000 were transferred from my account to Goddess. I will repay the loan in about one year. My reward was priceless… to make Goddess happy. Not only did I make up to her for my past shortcomings, I feel that She now considers me among Her best slaves. And this makes me happy as well.

Goddess kindly made a personal video for me to acknowledge Her receiving the money. However, since I was feeling that I was back in Goddess’ good graces, I was brave enough to ask Goddess for two special treats: to give me, as a present, a couple of her worn high heeled shoes (this to be done the first time we meet in person) and to make another personal clip for me, in which She is wearing the shoes that She will give me. Goddess was kind and generous enough to accept my requests: I only needed to buy the shoes for Her, which I was happy to do. In addition, I also bought a pair of patterned tights for Her, just to make Her outfit perfect for my fetishes in the video She is going to make… just for me.

It is a fact that everything comes at a price, and, comes to think of it, to get two personal videos from Goddess, the possibility to meet Her and to receive as a present a pair of Her sexy shoes, well… all this is certainly worth £ 4,000.


Isnt he such a good boy….

I shall be rewarding him later with a photo set of Myself wearing the shoes and pantyhose he bought Me…I just know hes going to love them…

You see what happened there? Good freaks get rewards…..bad freaks get fucked up…which would you rather be?

Oh talking of good freaks, Loser has been informed that the car tax for the range rover is due at the end of the month…which he is paying. He was so excited when I told him hed be paying for everything needed for the car. His exact words were ‘ Thank you Goddess for making me your car loserboy!’

Its so nice to see My boys so happy about sending Me money!

Matty….your name was changed to ‘useless matt’ for a reason, and it seems youre living up to it even more right now. You see when I tell you to go buy clips, what you do is go buy clips. What you do NOT do is turn off your messenger. Boys that turn off their messenger when theyve been given instructions are punished, you should have been able to work that out all by yourself….Id really hate to have to put your details all over My journal….its so out of character for Me….and Ill be devastated *smirks*

As usual I have lots more news but no time to write, Im off soon to lye in a hot bath, and get ready for a relaxing evening with My man, a movie, bottle of wine, and lots of delicious food…..what are you doing this evening freak?

Bye for now….

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