Some news…

My new Phone site is almost finished, Im still to add a few more lines but will get round to that when I have some more time.

Ive decided to add a few sluts there too, I dont expect theyll get many, if any, phone calls, but it amuses Me to see them there anyway…I also have a couple of friends who would like to get involved, so they will be on there at some point for taking calls…

I will also have alot of My photos, clips etc for sale there too….


Dumb weirdo has decided ( whilst wearing wifeys panties) that he’d like to start to serve My man as well as Myself.

So today he bought Me a new bra from My wishlist, and My man some boxers… My man first found this a little disturbing, that some idiot sitting in wifeys panties was wanting to call him Master, and buy him gifts, but he soon got used to it and quite liked the idea….when he’d finished laughing of course…

Dumb is now saving up for more gifts for him…hes so lucky being able to serve a real man. He can only imagine what we’ll both look like wearing our new things….

Loser also loves the idea of Me and My man using the car he bought…it seems Im gathering quite a few cucky freaks!

Lurkers need to step up. You all need to realise that the job of a freak is to keep Me happy, not to lurk and think of yourself. Youre all very naughty boys….arent you worms.

Go click some buttons and make Me smile….I like you when youre PAYING.

Loser Lewis decided to take the first step yesterday….see how happy he is now boys..

‘I am writing this because i have just fallen in Goddess Greed’s web, the more i struggle and try to resist the deeper and harder it will be for me to ever escape…not that i want that to happen. Every time she talks to me i find myself more addicted and wanting to do more for her in anyway i can, what ever it takes to please her.I learned today that i no longer have any money, and that all the money i have is in fact her money to take when ever and how ever she pleases to take it., and the only thing that i can be good for is making sure that it does not run out.’

Read the rest of the post on My Devotions Site 

Thats all for now…

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