4k from kuk, and other news

Kuk has proved what a good boy he is, the £4000 has arrived ( minus £6 international bank transfer fee)… and is now in My Greedy hand, just where it belongs…

Goddess is very happy. It feels so good to receive huge sums of cash from losers….its the only way youll ever make Me feel good after all.

If only all you worms were as devoted as kuk….. He isnt rich, in fact he had to take out a loan to send to Me, which shows to Me he is prepared to go to alot of trouble, work hard, and go without himself, to provide for Me….and that makes Me feel SO good.

One loser found out only yesterday that not being 100% devoted isnt tolerated….I want to take anything I desire, whenever I want, anything less is just not acceptable.

Useless matt decided he couldnt afford Me, and ran away…..for all of about 12 hours…. ha ha ha ha

When he came crawling back I made him write an apology post…

‘Good afternoon Goddess

I am writing this apology having returned from work and not being able to think about anything else all day but You.

It was some time ago i stumbled across a video of the Goddess on you tube yes i thought my she is stunning but at that time i did not contact or ever think i would now be in the situation i am in.

It was more recently whilst on twitter that i again found the Goddess purely by chance from something i spotted on a random tweet from a person i follow, i must say i have already been pulled up for the people i am following by the Goddess…..

The rest of the post can be found HERE on My Devotions site.

I have lots more news but no time to write more now…so if youre feeling needy, I suggest you go buy My new clips….


Rip off for idiots

I already know how stupid you are, but just to prove it once again, youre going to pay stupid money for a tiny 2 minute clip, just to remind you what an easy, pathetic idiot you are! ha ha ha


Teased to Ruin part 2

Youre so very easy when youre on your knees at My feet, staring up at My long legs…and you have your internet banking right there on your laptop in front of you….Im going to take exactly what I want..



Photo Set 28 At the Stables

I spend My days doing what I love, at the stables with My horses, while losers work hard to keep Me happy…24 photos in tight pants and riding boots

One thought on “4k from kuk, and other news

  1. Supreme Goddess,

    i would like to thank You with a public message for praising me so openly. i am so proud that You are pleased with my services.




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