New Photo Sets

I have lots of news, but no time to write right now….however, its your lucky day…. I have 6 new photo sets, and 2 of them are up for sale already. Run freak, on your knees, wallet out, and go SPEND.   Photo Set 30 Pure Class and black heels… 20 Photos…of pure class, tight dress […]

Some news…

My new Phone site is almost finished, Im still to add a few more lines but will get round to that when I have some more time. Ive decided to add a few sluts there too, I dont expect theyll get many, if any, phone calls, but it amuses Me to see them there anyway…I […]

Lets play freaks!

ok freaks, we’re going to play a little game. Your first instruction is to pay the $5 to view the rest of the game…when youve done that, follow the simple instructions, and beg to be allowed to cum.. If you show Me what a good boy you can be you might even get a treat….

Ignored Heel Freak

I know how you love to look at My long legs, and high heels, Ive caught you looking so many times….but I also know you dont deserve any of My time…so Im just going to allow you to sit quietly at My feet while I ignore you…its all youre good for… touching worm..     

4k from kuk, and other news

Kuk has proved what a good boy he is, the £4000 has arrived ( minus £6 international bank transfer fee)… and is now in My Greedy hand, just where it belongs… Goddess is very happy. It feels so good to receive huge sums of cash from losers….its the only way youll ever make Me feel […]