I have a dream…..

I had an amazing dream last night, you know the type that are so real that when you awake youre disappointed…

In this dream a freak of Mine from a while back gave Me 150k…..a dream I wonder….or a premonition?…mmmmmmmmm

…and it was as usual, so very easy.

It seems My worms, that the more I get the more I want….

I wonder if any of you worms are so very jealous of loser, that youre willing to go that little bit higher….and knock him off the top spot….prove youre more of a good boy….a far better loser ha ha ha ha

I love it when freaks fight to be top boy.

Do you think youll ever really impress Me?

My webcam will be on today sometime…Im not sure when, so just keep checking. I really need to get some kind of mailing list together so I can email you all when it goes on..Id really hate to miss an open wallet…

If you havent noticed already, the webcam link is now at the top with the rest of the tabs. Remember to read the rules…

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