Another pleasing week in My world, the world that you will never be a part of, until you have sacrificed everything you possibly can and submitted totally to ME.



‘Low’….or useless arab, actually proved a little useful, after years of Me blocking him in several different names, for being an annoying, whining, needy idiot…..I think he may learn from now on….

Ax has alot of making up to do. Im not sure why he continues to piss Me off…but thats fine with Me, because everytime he does so, it costs him more and more. This last time I think he got away lightly, with £500, and being ordered to walk around for hours in his shiny black heels…..even though his feet were sore, and he was out of breath after 10 mins, I made him continue, whilst on the phone to Me, and repeating over and over ‘Im a useless slave, i must try harder’

Ax…your writing was due to be with Me by Monday, once again you failed, and once again you will be punished….I cant wait….


Loser is visiting Me on friday to sign for My new car….and then take Me for drinks to celebrate. Not only is he paying £28,000 for the car, but he is travelling for 3 hours to get here and sign for it, on a day when he should be working. What a devoted boy he is….if only all you freaks were such good boys….you dream of being loser dont you worms….

Oh and rob is visiting tomorrow to bring My £420. He thought I was joking when I told him I wanted cash….and he was very stubborn, so I taught him a lesson, which reminded him of his place….

I sent him into the toilets in his office, while he was on a conference call with 8 collegues, and we played a little game. A few minutes later he was begging to be allowed more strokes, and pay more money…. ha ha ha ha. Poor rob didnt stand a chance…..

Im not sure if I mentioned that idiot is back?

Him and his new girlfriend mary sent £400 last week…before rushing off to deflate mary before wifey got home hahahaha

hahahaha….I thought Mary was rather scary looking, but idiot just loved to suck on her firm boobs…..not too hard idiot, we dont want her to pop!

Ok I may get time today to take some photos and maybe even a clip or 2 if youre very lucky….look out for them freaks!

Bye for now….

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