Lazy days and cash

Ive been terribly lazy with you freaks the last week or 2. You see I have a choice. I can either spend hours and hours talking shit, making clips, writing entries to keep you amused and take your cash….OR I can spend My time doing much more exciting things, and still take your cash. Hmmmm […]

Cars and hong kong…..

Firstly before I show you My gorgeous new car, I feel I must mention Mr Hong Kong… Youve been coming here quite some time now havent you Mr Hong Kong, every day without fail…and to be totally honest Im intrigued… You really must contact Me sometime very soon, I have a strange feeling we’re going […]

Mailing list…

I have added a new mailing list to the top right of My journal….yes just over there>>>> see it? Enter your email address and as if by magic youll receive lovely emails from Moi every time I can be bothered to send one…very handy for knowing when Ill be on webcam etc. Be sure to […]

I have a dream…..

I had an amazing dream last night, you know the type that are so real that when you awake youre disappointed… In this dream a freak of Mine from a while back gave Me 150k…..a dream I wonder….or a premonition?…mmmmmmmmm …and it was as usual, so very easy. It seems My worms, that the more […]

28k Car….

Loser has signed for the car. I met him today at the garage, where he signed, and then we headed out for drinks to celebrate…. I did let him have a look inside the car, and he even got to sit in it, Im so very kind..far too kind I think…     I then […]