Bad boys and range rovers….

You may remember from My previous post that fh had pissed Me off. You may also remember, if youre a regular lurker, that pissing Me off isnt a good idea….

Anyway fh came running back today and crawled off to send Me £200 when he was told to, like a good boy….you see how easy it is when youre doing as youre told boys?



He also wrote this apology post

I tried to do the unthinkable and as a result I pissed off Goddess and it’s the biggest regret that I have.

I initially came to Goddess eager to serve and dedicate my life towards her, however as a fairly young slave with little experience it had only just been a fantasy so far.

Goddess seemed like the perfect owner, she was truly dominant and seemed to be exactly what I’ve been looking for the last few years.

She allowed me to give her little bits of money to ease me in, and I constantly praised and adored her, showing her how much she meant to me……


For the rest of the post go to the Devotions Site 


Loser is a very lucky boy, he has agreed to buy Me a new car. Im not sure loser realises that when I said I want a new car, I meant £28k of new car


£28,000 worth of range rover….what a good boy you are loser! hahahahah

Me and My man will have a great time driving around in it……

Lets just hope wifey doesnt find the paperwork!

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