Easy boys…

Within an hour of Me being out of bed this morning I had taken $1400 into My Greedy hand.

I guess youve either got it, or you havent…..

I just love easy boys… most of you are easy, and some worms are just incredibly fucking easy.

The useless idiot today informed Me that he’d had to change his yahoo ID, as hed spent lots of MY cash on others. Perfect opportunity for Me to punish him.

I turned on My mic, gave him instructions to send paypal, and within 10 minutes he’d sent $1000

He then ran…..

But boys that run know they always come back….and this little worm wriggled back before I even had time to make a coffee…sending another $400

Now I think Ill go get dressed and head off to ride My horses….Oh Ive changed My hair colour again….back to dark, I got bored, just like I get bored of idiots like you…..

Bye for now…

One thought on “Easy boys…

  1. ..Goddess has instructed me that i am not to phone or interact with any other “Mistresses“..My tributes to Goddess are a major sacrifice on my part, but i feel relieved, as i now feel a sense of belonging. Thank You


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