New freaks….

Lurkers, freaks, worms, ….and all other non paying idiots now have their own simple instructions on the new contact page. The instructions are so easy to follow, and clear, that not even you can get it wrong…. Click here to start your new journey¬†              


  How do I look? Loser has been informed this morning of the exact price of My chosen car, I think he’s feeling a little sick hahahahahaha ……..but he has agreed ( like he had a choice) It will be Mine by the end of the week…      

Im back….

…from My holiday in Devon. I know you all missed Me terribly, and I was somewhat amused by the needy emails popping through every time My phone picked up signal. I have nothing else to say right now, Im tired…..Oh apart from fh, you fucked up, badly, Im about to contact your family. You have […]


Has been a silly boy yet again, this time avoiding and ignoring Me… so apologies in advance, for making you all throw up with his photo again, but needs must…. See his favourite purple panties hes clutching there…..? I know, scary isnt it…. …..But not as scary as itll be for bobbi if he continues […]

New Boy…

….has been very pleasing so far…if only all you idiots were so devoted….   “I have been submissive for as long as I can remember. During my teenage years I used to fantasise about being a slave, being tortured and ridiculed, and used in any way that my owner wanted. Later on while watching pornography, […]