Nothing for wifey….

Kuk was shocked when I first hit him with My perfect idea, but I reassured him that he’d soon see sense and agree with Me, which he did, quicker than he thought….

You see kuk and his wife are trying for a baby, isnt that sweet. Well, not really, because the first thing that popped into My head when he told Me, was babies cost money, which will mean less money for Me, not good…..really not good.

So I explained to him what a terrible idea it is, for him to even consider having a child to spend My money on, and pretty soon he was seeing My side of things….but still wifey insisted the IVF treatment continued ( which was also costing far too much of My money)

Now the treatment has started again, after several failures which I was *so sad* about, and kuk is having to give wifey regular injections of progesterone for the treatment.

Or….so she thinks.

Now all My boys know Im always having perfect little ideas, so thinking of a plan to ruin this was so very easy…..and kuk has been instructed that when he makes up the fluid to pop into wifeys needle, hes going to accidentally forgot to put the progesterone in, and so injecting wifey with…well pretty much nothing, and certainly nothing thats going to provide her with a cute, bouncy, expensive, pain in the ass baby. Perfect huh?

Like I said kuk seemed a little shocked at first, but the very next time we spoke he had got used to the idea, and realised that this is the best thing for all of us, he knows Goddess is always right. Hes such a good boy.

Now all he needs to do is make up for all the cash hes spent on the treatment and Goddess will be happy with him again….

After all, Goddess deserves everything, worm and wifey worm deserve nothing.

Whilst Im on the subject of worms, bobbi wrote an entry for the devotion site

‘Dear Goddess,

I hope that this pleases You as it does capture my true feelings Goddess.

im not sure how i first came upon Goddess Greed. Perhaps it was by accident or perhaps fate. i will say that my life has changed and will continue to change now that i have fallen under the spell of Goddess.

Goddess quickly ascertained that i have a very intense boot fetish and one of my early assignments was to purchase a pair of boots for her. We were shopping together which was an amazing experience in and of itself. i have now been truly privileged to have seen Goddess wearing the boots and they are truly awesome and Goddess looks incredible wearing them. i look at Goddess’ pics every day and multiple times a day and they are very very addictive.

There is not a day that goes by without me hoping to see Goddess, read Her words, or listen to Her clips, it is truly wonderful to have Goddess in my mind.

Goddess is the most important person in my life now and i am becoming increasingly addicted to Her and i know i do not ever want to escape. Of course i could go on and on about the privilege of being the property of Goddess, it is wonderful to belong to Her.

submissively bobbi.’


I have uploaded another 35 photos of boot fetish heaven….go buy!




2 thoughts on “Nothing for wifey….

  1. This is so gloriously wicked, Goddess. i can’t wait for the day when Women truly rule science and can genetically pick dominant daughters and submissive sons when having a child – the world will be a far far better place than it is now.


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