Such a good boy…

‘My wife and I had tried for a baby for a long time, but with no success. Thus, my wife suggested we should try with medical assisted procreation. I accepted, but soon it became clear that these treatments were very expensive. So expensive, in fact, that I ended up not sending any more tributes to […]


Bobbi has disappointed Me….. (photo taken down when bobbi paid) Here he is, clutching his favourite purple panties that he wears to work regularly. Bobbi had a simple task. He had to send My cash by the end of yesterday, but when I signed into NiteFlirt this morning there was nothing from any purple panty […]

Very silly boy

New boy hasnt come across Goddess Greed before. New boy thinks he can fuck with Goddess Greed. New boy thinks hes clever. New boy WILL learn. Take off the fucking money dispute idiot, before im forced to find out who you are and fuck up your life, this is your only warning ( Photo removed […]

Nothing for wifey….

Kuk was shocked when I first hit him with My perfect idea, but I reassured him that he’d soon see sense and agree with Me, which he did, quicker than he thought…. You see kuk and his wife are trying for a baby, isnt that sweet. Well, not really, because the first thing that popped […]

Boots and mascarpone….

Firstly I have a treat for boot freaks… 40 Photos at the stables….thigh high lace up boots, and leather basque….boot freaks are going to LOVE these! Go buy them….and Ill consider putting the other 40 up for sale…. I had an email from useless stuart, with a story, Im not sure if he wrote it […]


I had a very interesting conversation with stuart last night. Firstly, as expected, he sent Me a gift from My wishlist… a very sexy leather look basque/dress, which I cant wait to receive and use to take even more money from you all. He then asked if he could do anything else for Me, so […]