I know you so well….

slave: hello again Goddess

goddessgreed: hello

goddessgreed: youre at work now?

slave: yes Goddess

goddessgreed: what is your work set up, do you have your own office?

slave: yes i do have my own office Goddess, : i am in and out of it throughout the day    lots of phone calls Goddess

goddessgreed: so you have your own little office to sit in and have perverted thoughts…

slave: yes  yes that is true Goddess

goddessgreed: and I imagine you do that often dont you?

slave: honestly  yes i do Goddess

goddessgreed: I thought as much… tell Me about these thoughts…

slave: yes Goddess,  i think about being controlled Goddess   no chance of escape

slave: i think about being feminized,…..wearing panties and hose to work under my pants

slave: i have a major fetish for boots adn spike heels Goddess and i think of them very very often….

slave: at work and at home i gaze at websites of women in boots

goddessgreed: do you have your own panties etc? or have you worn wifeys?

slave: i have one pair or purple panties   a thong one Goddess,: i have in the past taken wife’s and worn hers

goddessgreed: I see, I bet its very exciting for you to wear them to work

slave: yes Goddess

goddessgreed: I expect the thought of it makes you quite aroused

slave: i am very self conscious about it but omg yes itgets me very very aroused

goddessgreed: haha have you worn them to work before?

slave: a couple of times Goddess

goddessgreed: after being instructed to do so by a Domme, or just because you wanted to

slave: becausei  wanted to …. but i would think i was underorders to do soGoddess

goddessgreed: I see…is there any way you can bring a webcam to work, Id be very interested in seeing you wearing those panties at work

slave: the only web cam i have is part of my computer at home….. using that here would be difficult Goddess

goddessgreed: Hmm well perhaps you could buy a cheap webcam to keep at work

slave: unless i took a pic and mailed it to You Goddess

goddessgreed: or yes, thats another option

goddessgreed: where do you keep the panties? at home?

slave: yes Goddsess…. i have them hidden in a drawer in my closet at home

goddessgreed: haha

goddessgreed: I assume wifey doesnt look in there

slave: no not at all

goddessgreed: hidden away like another dirty secret

slave: she would not be happy at all Goddess

slave: yes Goddess… she knows nothing about my perversions Goddess

goddessgreed: I dont expect she does, I think she’d probably be disgusted, wouldnt understand at all

goddessgreed: and she certainly wouldnt discuss it with you like I do

slave: yes Goddess that is so true

goddessgreed: and encourage you

slave: yes Goddess…: it would destroy marriage Goddess

goddessgreed: yes Im sure it would… shes not like Me is she

slave: yet i am so so drawn to You

slave: no not at all Goddess

slave: You are so special Goddess

goddessgreed: she doesnt understand you… not like I do

slave: that is so true Goddess

slave: You are so right

goddessgreed: and she certainly wouldnt want you getting aroused wearing panties… or even thinking about wearing them

goddessgreed: and getting aroused

slave: ye syes Goddess

slave: You are getting me so aroused even now Goddess

goddessgreed: sex with wifey doesnt compare at all to how aroused you get sharing your dirty secrets with Me

slave: that is so true Goddess

slave: i want to confess allto YOU

goddessgreed: youre probably already wanting to touch yourself, and youve hardly told Me anything

slave: i have a dog collar hidden as well Goddess

slave: i know i cannot touch myself without permission Goddess

goddessgreed: no you cant

goddessgreed: but you want to dont you

slave: yes yes i do Goddess

goddessgreed: quite badly right now

slave: yes yes Goddess

goddessgreed: even just talking about you in panties, and silky hose

goddessgreed: hidden from your collegues

goddessgreed: but you know theyre there

slave: they would not understand at all Goddess

goddessgreed: makes you feel quite dirty doesnt it

slave: yesss Goddess yes

goddessgreed: see how well I know you already

goddessgreed: I think we’re going to get along just perfectly

slave: yes Goddess i want that very much Goddess

goddessgreed: put your hand down to your cock now, and tell me how aroused you are…

slave: i am rock hard Goddess

goddessgreed: I thought so…

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