While I play, you pay…..

Im off to Ascot races this week, paid for in full by Rob and loser. Rob paid £350 for the tickets plus spending money, and loser sent £800 to cover drinks etc for Myself and female friends.

Oh I shouldnt forget kuk who sent £50 towards new shoes for the day.

Ill be out the whole day enjoying Myself, and staying in a hotel overnight…. while My brainwashed freaks work hard in a hot office…. Just perfect.

After spending a whole day shopping (such a chore!) for a new hat and shoes to go with a pink dress Id chosen to wear, I then changed My mind, and have decided to wear a red dress, black and white hat, and black heels. Photos will come at the weekend if youre very lucky worms.

Talking of worms, wormy caved last night, and, although he lost his job some months back, and is totally broke, he bought some gifts from My wishlist, spending the money he’d saved to travel to a job interview. Such a well trained wriggly worm.

Ive been on cam a few times in the last few days, if you missed it youre obviously not spending enough time on My website. Try harder, much harder….

There are a couple new clips and 3 new photo sets in My financial domination store

I particularly love the ‘Teased to Ruin’ clip….I just know you will too…go buy!

One thought on “While I play, you pay…..

  1. I wish You a perfect day at the races, Goddess, and thank You for “Teased to Ruin”, i am sure no one can resist Your beauty after having seen this great clip


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