“When i first saw Goddess Greed in one of her video clips, i was smitten – and yet i tried to deny the power she radiated, tried to deny the fact that i already was falling under her spell.


After that, i kept coming back to her site, being drawn there like a moth to the flame. Like a moth, i tried to be close to her, and stay away at the same time. You may guess the story from here…


I just couldn´t stay away from the Goddess.


And when the Goddess spoke to me, calling me on her journal, i was scared. Scared and oh so curious. And curiousity got the better of me.


The moment she spoke to me, i was being burned by her beauty and charm. Like the good boy i am, i confessed my darkest desires to her.


Although this was just a few days ago, the Goddes has put me firmly under her control since then, probing deeper for my fantasies and weaknesses like only she can. Before i met the Goddess, i had long fantasized about being kept in chastity by a powerful woman. It took her only a blink of an eye to make this fantasy real and put me into chastity.


I am now a devoted slave of the Goddess, looking up to her from below, trying to please her.


Thank You Goddess

Maiki ”

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