Loyal freaks…

I havent been around much for the last week or so, but loyal freaks are still waiting patiently just as it should be…… Tonight I will be in the cam room from around 630pm UK time, for an hour…..and just a reminder for anyone who wants to keep updated on what Im up to, I […]

I know you so well….

slave: hello again Goddess goddessgreed: hello goddessgreed: youre at work now? slave: yes Goddess goddessgreed: what is your work set up, do you have your own office? slave: yes i do have my own office Goddess, : i am in and out of it throughout the day    lots of phone calls Goddess goddessgreed: so […]


Those of you who are waiting for Me to be back online, to tend to your aching souls, will have to wait a little longer. I had a great day at ascot, and now Im tired, still and not in the mood for freaks…Relaxing, eating, drinking and sleeping is far more fun right now…so wait […]

While I play, you pay…..

Im off to Ascot races this week, paid for in full by Rob and loser. Rob paid £350 for the tickets plus spending money, and loser sent £800 to cover drinks etc for Myself and female friends. Oh I shouldnt forget kuk who sent £50 towards new shoes for the day. Ill be out the […]


“When i first saw Goddess Greed in one of her video clips, i was smitten – and yet i tried to deny the power she radiated, tried to deny the fact that i already was falling under her spell.   After that, i kept coming back to her site, being drawn there like a moth […]


Obviously I knew youd be back at some point…..but for once I admit I was wrong. You see I always thought you are more a contact Me kinda guy, rather than a lurk on My website every day hoping to not be noticed kinda guy….you have obviously forgotten that Goddess sees all… Contact Me, Id […]

Serving Me…

….is certainly not easy. I can be incredibly demanding, and hard to please…and watching you fail miserably most of the time can be the most boring chore ever. I would suggest that if you dont think you have what it takes, if you tend to think of only yourself, and that ugly piece of meat […]