Busy weekend…

Ive had a busy weekend boys, 3 new clips, new photo sets and still had lots of time to have fun without you…

Did you have fun without Me?…I very much doubt that…you dont have a life without Me remember!

Ive noticed several new lurkers on My website, in particular a German loser, become addicted faster than he’d anticipated…. I would suggest, if youre spending this much time on My website, that you need a little more….perhaps youve reached that stage where contacting Me seems the only sensible thing to do right now, the RIGHT thing to do… Let Me help you there, its fine you dont need to thank Me just yet….youll have plenty of time in the future. What you need to do is purchase My messenger ID’s so we can have fun chatting, I really love to chat with losers fuck with losers heads….

Im looking forward to it already…

Wormy has posted a new entry on the devotions page …..go see what a lucky boy wormy is…..

Oh and lastly, a treat…..



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