Lurking freaks

For all you boys who are still too scared to contact Me, here is some of My recent feedback from freaks who are glad they made that move….

“Goddess Greed is just perfect – the most beautiful woman i have ever seen, with a cruel teasing accent, a delicious laugh and a keen awareness of the power She has over male creatures”

“Unbelievable! I can’t even get hard without hearing her voice!”

“My Goddess has the sexiest and most enticing pair of legs I have ever seen – she has me totally under her control.”

“Her chastity recordings are heavenly – getting to see and hear how she is going to lock me up turns me on even more!”

“If I am to succumb to subversion, surrender to subjugation, fall to my ruination, may it be at the hands of a beautiful Goddess… Let it be Goddess Greed.”

“Goddess Greed is so stunning in pantyhose. Every time that I delete my NF account, I start feeling the need to open a new account buy these pictures again.”

See what you lurkers are missing out on. You too could be hopelessly addicted and on your way to financial ruin, just like these freaks. I hate to think of you all alone when we could be having such fun together…..

I was emailed through NF yesterday by an idiot who informed Me ‘ its too bad youre too expensive Id would have liked to have found out how good you are’.  He then went on to ask if he could call the cheaper ‘ignore line’ and talk there instead…..

I suggested if hes worried about expensive, he should go away and call someone else.

You see the moral of the story there?

I did however have a call from a freak a few days back, who informed Me he was currently wearing blue panties. I got him to send a photo.

It seems there may be some truth in the old saying that too much wanking will make you go blind, though perhaps it should be colour blind….

Hey desperate, I think you need to lose a little weight around the stomach there…..can you even see your dick?

I will be on webcam this evening, and tomorrow evening (hopefully) either in My members area, or public webcam room. In order to view webcam you will have to PAY. If you turn up unpaid youll only be able to chat, NO cam, understand?

See you there…

Oh I nearly forgot, I want the top 2 items 1 item, the other has been purchased….on My amazon wishlist NOW. Get them.

Jewellery Case


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