Busy weekend…

Ive had a busy weekend boys, 3 new clips, new photo sets and still had lots of time to have fun without you… Did you have fun without Me?…I very much doubt that…you dont have a life without Me remember! Ive noticed several new lurkers on My website, in particular a German loser, become addicted […]


Boys, if you feel a desperate need to keep updated regularly, with what Im up to, webcam schedule, etc etc, follow Me on twitter @thegoddessgreed. I have also opened another twitter account especially for updates on new clips, photo sets etc, follow @findom_store Quickly freaks, run along and follow both! Oh and if you love […]

In your dreams…..

Hmmmm….. Just a little reminder of what youll never have…. I’d hoped to be around most of this weekend, to abuse needy freaks, but My horse has been very ill, so I have more important things to be doing. Dont worry Ill be thinking of you all, as I push a 2 inch needle into […]

Little treat

I got a few photo sets done last night, which Ill be adding to My store over the next few days. Here are a couple I didnt like, for you to obsess over…   Enjoy them, its as close as youre EVER going to get to Me! Oh by the way, what is it with […]