No more stroking…

Morning boys! What a bunch of eager perverts you are! Been busy wanking all weekend? Good, because wank weekend is OVER.

Which means no more stroking.

Now, as you all know youre not capable of thinking for yourselves, Ive been doing some thinking for you, and Ive figured youre not all going to rush out and buy a chastity device, so Ive come up with a solution.

Tape. Strong adhesive tape. I want you to wrap it all around your 2 inches (while soft dummy) round and round and round, tightly, but not too tightly that your penis falls off, Id really hate for that to happen hahahaa.

This should do a pretty good job for any chastity beginners. Oh and I want photos, email them to Me.

Ill be making the next clip in the next day or 2, I may even give you instructions of how to wrap your cock in tape. Look out for it.

On a slightly less painful note, Rob is coming to My house this evening to give Me cash for My day out at Ascot Races.

I may record him passing up the cash from his knees….what a lucky boy he is!

I may even put public webcam on while Im getting ready at around 5pm UK time

Bye for now freaks!

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