More chastity

Ive decided, that before I lock you up, Im going to give you a treat. This weekend is going to be Wank Weekend ( like any weekend isnt with you perverts)

So, Ive made an instruction clip, to start off your couple days hard wanking. Its simple to follow instructions for dummies, as I seem to be dealing with mainly idiots that have a hard time thinking when around Myself.

Your first instruction is to go buy it HERE

When youve bought the clip, youll be instructed to go on and buy the others that will be coming over the next couple days. Its in your best interest to do as youre instructed worm. You know you cant think for yourself, and I have so very kindly taken that job from you, and made it My personal business to see you are guided the correct way….no need to thank Me, instead, pop your wallet in your mouth, and watch helplessly as I take it all….

When wank weekend is over, you will be locked up…..make sure youre ready for it… I certainly am…


I have also added a new photo set for foot freaks. You can buy it HERE

It was only added a couple hours ago, and already selling well… face it losers, you cant cope without Me….

Just to prove that, here is some of the feedback Ive received recently….


I now have a public webcam area, although it hasnt been added to the tabs yet, but you can find it HERE

Youll need to log in as a guest, choosing a username fit for a loser… but be warned, If Im on cam and I speak to you, you reply. If you dont youll be kicked….



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