subbie: hello Goddess

goddessgreed: yes?

subbie: may i please serve You

goddessgreed: how

subbie: by doing what You say on cam or on the phone

subbie: to entertain You, please You, satisfy You

goddessgreed: oh go away, what you really mean is can you get off for free

subbie: no, that is entirely up to You

subbie: if You want me to edge and then deny me permission, thats Your call, if You derive joy from that then i’m game

subbie: the point is, i want You to be pleased and entertained

goddessgreed: its 730am, Ive just got up, seeing you on cam is the last thing I want

goddessgreed: you may serve me and please me by going away

subbie: if You decide You’d like me to have a reward for being a good boy, well thats what i hope for, but in no way will i ask for that

subbie: yes Goddess, as You desire


ASSHOLE!   hahahahaaaa

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