Bad boys….

Oh what fun, 2 bad boys to fuck with…

Christian and anders, this is your final warning, I will never be ignored…

I am preparing the journal entry with all your info on…after it is posted I will then be taking steps to contact whoever I can to fuck up your lives…I would strongly urge you both to contact Me asap…dont make Me hurt you little pets!



For the rest of you, My nite flirt lines are on…


have just noticed Christians ip add on lurking on My journal, in particular this post…then I receive an email…

Dear Goddess Greed

Christian asked me to send you a note.

I don’t know how you are, but he asked me to let you know that he is in the hospital right know.

Things didn’t go well last time.

He is not able to contact you, that’s why he asked me to send you an email.

As soon as possible he will contact you and let you know more, he told me to tell you that.



hahahahahaa Ive just been to look in the mirror and check I dont have ‘stupid’ written on My forhead!

Christian you fucking idiot, do you really think I dont know you sent that mail!!….Like youd tell a friend to email ‘Goddess Greed’ for you, hahahahah

Oh dear you freaks make Me laugh sometimes, which is just as well, because youre not good at much else!

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