No more stroking…

Morning boys! What a bunch of eager perverts you are! Been busy wanking all weekend? Good, because wank weekend is OVER. Which means no more stroking. Now, as you all know youre not capable of thinking for yourselves, Ive been doing some thinking for you, and Ive figured youre not all going to rush out […]

Wank Weekend

firstly a treat…. Feel special now? Now did you do as youre told…? Did you watch out for all the chastity clips? Or do I need to point you in the right direction? The preparation is nearly over…just one more day of wank weekend!  Just one more day until I totally take over your cock…and your mind. […]

More chastity

Ive decided, that before I lock you up, Im going to give you a treat. This weekend is going to be Wank Weekend ( like any weekend isnt with you perverts) So, Ive made an instruction clip, to start off your couple days hard wanking. Its simple to follow instructions for dummies, as I seem […]

Chastity Series…

Ive had enough of you perving at My photos constantly and stroking that vile cock of yours, its time you were locked up, and totally in My control… Part 1 of the Chastity Series, Im gonna tell you exactly whats gonna happen, your cock is going to belong to ME, then youre going to hand […]


Firstly My new Website is live!! So boys, pop your credit card in your mouth, and go buy as much as you possibly can…. and if you run out of things, buy them all again, theres a good worm…. Ive been busy making a couple more clips, and another 3 photo sets, youll find them […]