Im back. Or at least today Im feeling fine…tomorrow may be a different story… so make the most of it while you can, dont take your fix for granted and start taking steps to make sure you get My attention…. Like buying this…

‘ you fucking loser MP3’

another of the recordings you love so much, a simple 2 minute recording, so easy for Me, yet you fall for it every time because youre such a fucking loser, and Im just going to laugh at you, and tell you how pathetic you are for paying $50 for a 2 minute recording….



Ive lightened My hair…

Its not staying this colour, Its just had the dark brown stripped out, before I find a colour that I like to go on, possibly a mahogany red. I get bored you see.  Its been dark for a few years now, so time for a change.

Luckily I have one of those faces that suit almost all colours…

Oh before I forget, Jason, was you checking out the freak page to make sure you wasnt on there? hahahaa. I dont think you got to freak stage just yet, Ive not had the time/ motivation to really have fun yet, but dont worry, your time will come…

I have a funny little worm that keeps calling My ignore line…and staying on for hours. Keep calling sad fuck, Im loving taking your money without even having to speak with you, its always the best way I find.

I aim to be on members webcam friday evening, around 6pm UK time… if youve been finding youre unable to cope without Me, I suggest you join and come along…

I have a new website opening soon, for all My items for sale. I need a worm to help with it, to make buttons, header etc…and if youre good I may even reward you… If you think you have what it takes email Me.


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