I suppose I should give you some news….have you all been very good?

Hmm Im not convinced. I think once again youve been spending too much time with your cock in your hand…right?

Such bad freaks…

ok, firstly the new webcam is all set up in the members area, the quality is great, and there is an option for full screen…I spent friday evening lounging on the sofa while lucky worms got to see and hear Me, and sit at My feet…

Webcam (either voyeur or chat) will now be on at least 4 times a week…including once a week at the stables for all you freaks with an equestrian fetish.  ( I dont mean those of you that like to fuck horses….) Join members area here

I will also soon have a public webcam page on the main site, which will be used occasionally, when Im in the mood for teasing poor unsuspecting fools such as yourselves…

A new site is currently being set up to include all My clips, photos etc for sale, I have the whip out ready for tek.. and at some point I will get round to making some more clips…

I will be uploading some new pics to members area today….


Oh and My new sofa that loser bought have arrived and front room decorating is done! Charlie thinks its great…


Your journey to ruin, steps 1 and 2 are now available to buy as MP3…

Journey to ruin step 1 (MP3 version)

This is the start freak, on your path to ruin…and who better to lead you down that path, than Moi! Youre about to pay a few dollars for a 2 minute recording, the next will cost more, the next even more and so on, until you end up with nothing left to give, the only thing youll have left is the sound of My laugh ringing in your ears….


Journey to ruin, step 2 (MP3 Version)

Step 2 of the journey to ruin set…. this clip costs you a little more than the first, just that little bit more, so you hardly even notice Im slowly taking everything, hahaha before you know it idiot, youll be fucked… poor addicted freak..


Ok Im off now to put together a page devoted totally to anders, so I have a link to email his bosses, and work collegues ….

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