Call Me…

I’ve been toying with the idea lately of getting a premium phone line for you all to call Me on, which will obviously cost you a fortune to call, but after looking at several options, have decided it much easier to just buy a seperate UK mobile, and a USA number.
This way, calls will cost you the standard rate, whether you’re in the USA, or UK ( eastern europeans will have to pay a little more to call the UK number) ….however there is a catch…RULES.
You have permission to call either number. I may answer, I may not. If I do, you will be instructed to send a tribute, and then call back. If these instructions aren’t followed I will set the phone to voicemail and you’ll be ignored.
UK number is +447967169330. You can also send text messages to this number.
USA number is 1-509 7977100. Text messages cannot be received on this number.
Remember idiots, this is a huge privilege for you, do not fuck it up, or it will be taken away.

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