Confess your dirty fantasies….

Finally after years of serving Me online, you get to meet up with Me in real life. Youre nervous, but so excited. This is the day youve been waiting for, for what seems like your whole life.

We arrange to meet at a restaurant, expensive of course…the best.

You wait, youre sweating, you feel sick with nerves, you cant believe what a lucky boy you are. The time goes by, and still you wait, youre not sure how much longer you can put up with this feeling…..

I turn up finally, an hour late, dressed in the most gorgeous black dress, tight, showing all My curves, stockings, and the highest heels you ever seen.

I walk over, smile and sit down, quietly amused at the sweat covered nervous wreck, trembling in his seat.

I tell you to order champagne, the most expensive of course….you order, and it arrives…the waiter smiles at you, I think in pity, he too can see how nervous you are.

I drink My first glass of champagne, and it tastes so good, you watch as My perfect, red glossy lips meet the glass. When Ive finished, I leave the table to use the toilet, and you almost explode in your pants as you watch Me walk away. Youre a pathetic mess.

When I return to the table I have a present for you, I hand you My glass, which is now full of My warm pee, and say ‘Drink up Sweetie, I dont want any wasted’

As you take the glass into your hand, you feel My heel digging into your hard cock. ‘I said drink it’ …and My heel digs harder. I smile, that evil smile that youve seen many times on webcam, and you look into My eyes, youd never imagined that you could ever  feel this good.

My heels are digging so hard now, so you do as youre told and drink up, and I laugh…’Good boy’…….


This is one slaves fantasy.

Would you like to tell Me all your dirty secrets too?……

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