Im back. Or at least today Im feeling fine…tomorrow may be a different story… so make the most of it while you can, dont take your fix for granted and start taking steps to make sure you get My attention…. Like buying this… ‘ you fucking loser MP3’ another of the recordings you love so […]


Again…I have a problem with high hormone levels which have brought on all kinds of symptoms for the last 2 months, but is now worse than ever. I intend on staying in bed, until I’m better, be it a day, a week or even a month..I’m so pissed off with it right now that if […]

I suppose I should give you some news….have you all been very good? Hmm Im not convinced. I think once again youve been spending too much time with your cock in your hand…right? Such bad freaks… ok, firstly the new webcam is all set up in the members area, the quality is great, and there […]

Call Me…

I’ve been toying with the idea lately of getting a premium phone line for you all to call Me on, which will obviously cost you a fortune to call, but after looking at several options, have decided it much easier to just buy a seperate UK mobile, and a USA number. This way, calls will […]