If I must brag….

As you all know Ive been sick for the last 4 or 5 weeks, and also havent had home internet for a week or 2, so havent been around much, but even then, I still manage to take your cash, and fuck with your minds… here are a couple screen shots of some of the cash Ive taken with ease, from fucked up freaks that just cant stay away….

Firstly, a couple of the more pleasing paypal tributes received a week or so ago, when I managed to get mobile internet for a day or so and came online for a few hours…

( click image to make it bigger dummy)

Then a couple of amazon GCs from taking a 10 minute phone call today, and last week…


….and considering I dont have a phone line with NF, since they decided to take away use for international customers, and only use it for occasional tributes, and selling clips… and considering also that were only in february, and febs payment hasnt gone on yet… I dont think this…

..is bad at all…..

Oh and moneybookers, opened the account 2 days ago, for the german freak…and hes on his way to having the journal removed…

Dont you wish you could come online for a few hours, speak a few words, smile and hold out a Greedy hand, and have it filled…just like Me…

Oh and just to make this page a little prettier…

One thought on “If I must brag….

  1. i wish i could come on line and wish i could kiss the sole of Your foot- i bought a clip and hope that i find a job soon that will allow me to give You much more. You are truly a Goddess and i hope all men come to see that and give You everything they think they have.


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