Im back!

Youll all be extremely hard to hear that My internet is back, so Ill be around as usual, to take your hard earned money with one evil smile….Id only been around a few minutes earlier before I was messaged, took a 5 minute phone call, and took £200….Id almost forgotten how terribly easy you all are.

Or is it just that Im fucking good?

Anyway, some changes are going to be made to My website over the next few days. I shall be adding a public webcam, now My internet speed is fixed…. and may be changing the members area webcam rooms a little.

Im also looking forward to getting some new clips recorded, and maybe some mp3’s for those of you who prefer to just listen to My addictive voice…

Oh and some new photos?  Would you like that?  Hmmmm, have you earned them? I doubt that very much, but I look forward to watching you try…. and probably fail….

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