In case youre all wondering where I am, I have no internet. Long story, but anyway, itll all be back to normal in a week or so.

Yahoo is on occasionally on My phone, if youre very lucky I may see your cries for attention, and speak to you…or, I may not.

I am also still sick. I have had a sinus infection for over 2 weeks now, and its starting to really piss Me off. Im so drained ( not the same drained as you obviously) and just want to sleep constantly, and so, I am mainly resting, reading, and sleeping. Its actually very nice to have no internet access at home, I can concentrate on resting instead of being tempted to sign on and ruin your lives…

Be patient boys.

Ive hired a new cleaner, shes starting next week. I doubt she’ll be good enough, and wont last long, but its worth a go. I really dont want to have to worry about housework at any time, especially when I feel like shit.

 Youll be paying.

Yes, you.

Oh, a quick thought on blackmail. You see quite often, when someone pushes Me, the obvious thing to do, is plaster their info all over My journal etc etc.

Well I was thinking, and a much more interesting way, would be to put all the info up on a page on My website, that isnt linked to. Youll have no way of finding it, or even knowing its there….until one day, when someone google searches your name, and up it pops! hahahaha

 Now isnt that much more fun ….. for Me anyway, but then, does anyone else matter…

Perhaps youll make a point of remembering to be good at all times…

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