Are you all sitting comfortably boys? Cocks away, you know you have to pay if you want to play perverts.

Ok, firstly Id like to say, if you come for Me saying youre interested in blackmail, its highly likely, that at some point Ill blackmail you…. be very careful what you wish for…

If however you dont come and ask for blackmail, its likely I wont blackmail you, unless of course you piss Me off, then its a different story altogether. So,the dummies guide to staying safe is, dont ask for it if you dont want it, and dont piss Me off, its simple really. Keep Me happy, dont make false promises, and dont lie, and Goddess will be a very happy and occasionally quite kind Bitch.  Break the rules, and Goddess becomes a devious, evil, life destroying Bitch…see the difference?

I cant hear you? Yes Goddess?

Good boy….

Ok news.

For the last week I have been suffering from sinus headaches, so havent been around that much. That doesnt mean I havent still managed to fuck up a few boys.

Naughty N, who will remain anonymous for now, sent £800 wednesday evening, in a desperate attempt to make Me ‘go away’. Poor boy begged to not have to send that much, which did make Me smirk. I did assure him though, that I would now leave him alone….perhaps until the next time. ha hahahah

A new boy sent £400 amazon, and bought Me a lovely necklace

Oh and I bought some gorgeous new pictures for My front room when its re decorated…

I have new sofas ordered, paid for by loser, and they will be here in 4-5 weeks..which is far too long for Me to have to wait, but unavoidable as I wanted particular ones.

Another loser sent about 450 amazon, filled in a blackmail form, then disappeared. Im assuming he’ll be back before the £600 is due. Im sure he will, wont you worm…

sissy sent 50 amazon, before throwing a rather amusing tantrum after I aparently humiliated him in front of a loser that had sent more…he then went on to block Me….4 or 5 times, none of which worked, for some odd reason. Yawn…

Over 2500 is on its way in cheques, for clips and NF, not bad at all considering I cant take calls on NF anymore…

Oh and this morning, Ive been doing some detective work…all will become clear on that very soon.

Now Im off to lay in the bath for half hour, and think about all you losers your money…

Bye for now…

Oh by the way, Eore, are you deliberatly trying to piss Me off?

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