If I must brag….

As you all know Ive been sick for the last 4 or 5 weeks, and also havent had home internet for a week or 2, so havent been around much, but even then, I still manage to take your cash, and fuck with your minds… here are a couple screen shots of some of the […]

Im back!

Youll all be extremely hard to hear that My internet is back, so Ill be around as usual, to take your hard earned money with one evil smile….Id only been around a few minutes earlier before I was messaged, took a 5 minute phone call, and took £200….Id almost forgotten how terribly easy you all […]


In case youre all wondering where I am, I have no internet. Long story, but anyway, itll all be back to normal in a week or so. Yahoo is on occasionally on My phone, if youre very lucky I may see your cries for attention, and speak to you…or, I may not. I am also […]