No this isnt anything to do with smoking fetish before you get excitable. Its to inform you all to be very careful around Me for the next few weeks, Im likely to get pissed off a little quicker than I usually do…. Im trying to give up smoking again. Im disgusted in Myself for letting […]

I think purple looks pretty good on Me, dont you…. I also think I look pretty good from a kneeling position….. In fact, I think I look good just about anywhere, wearing anything…. Anyway, Im around on messengers now, Its a horrible day so Im here for the afternoon/evening…doing a little cooking, and trying to […]


Today I got My hair cut. I sent one text from My phone while I was in the hairdressers, and within minutes ‘little’ Ben had paid for it. Fuck you very much ben…. I think youll agree that I look slightly more perfect than usual….


The last 2 weeks have been busy. Ive had no time, or motivation to talk to freaks, but I see youve all still been lurking, checking out the journal every day…waiting for something, anything…. Last weekend I went to longleat, the house, amazing as it is, isnt somewhere Id ever want to live, although I […]