Twitter Updates for 2009-11-27

  • Going to give the horses hay, then will be home for the whole day, isnt that exciting! #
  • Its still dark, what times it get light around here #
  • Back from horses, and its only 8am…coffee, toast…and just a tad of life fuckin #
  • more clothes arrived this morning, when theres somethign doesnt fit, or I dont like, I tend to keep it anyway as Im too lazy to return…. #
  • anyone else quite that lazy? ..My wardrobes are full of clothes with labels still on.. #
  • I stole a load of those little uht cream sachets from the cafe yesterday, Id buy some but cant find them anywhere, yes, Im a thief… #
  • ok you boys bought Me far too many shoes, its now your duty to provide me with shoe storage, Im gonna have a look on amazon #
  • – more new clothes arrived today… #
  • Online supermarket shopping for my sister, whos having a bad time with cash right now. … #
  • See I do have a kind side, its just a little hard to find sometimes đŸ˜‰ #
  • is gourmand…apparently.. #
  • This is amazing #
  • A mans penis is usually only good for one thing …taking over a his thought process and making it easy for me to manipulate him… #

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