Twitter Updates for 2009-11-26

  • home from stables..someone make me coffee #
  • whats going on with nf these days, is it working? #
  • So its still not working properly, are they intending on ever getting it fixed? #
  • Trying to call tony to give him a nice suprise, as he doesnt know I have his phone number…but hes not answering .. #
  • Wondering what to have for lunch, since I started My healthy eating regime today…looking at fruit bowl…cheese on toast it is then! #
  • my mums just called…she wants to go shopping…I suppose I could be forced.. 🙂 #
  • off shopping, ciao for now! #
  • Back from shopping, its bloody freezing out there! #
  • Voyeur cam is on in members area, join here #
  • is there a she wolf in your closet? #

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