Twitter Updates for 2009-11-24

  • Day off from horses today, hmm what to do, clean the house or spend some poor unsuspecting fools money, decisions decisions…. #
  • Sorting out My wardrobes, and making Myself throw away things Im never gonna wear…coffee break #
  • Thought it was a great idea making spare bedroom into a dressing room, and making more room in My bedroom, but now gonna ….. #
  • have to put more wardrobes in bedroom anyway.. #
  • Its such a hard life #
  • For some reason the 'men are like slinkies' quote just popped into My head and made Me grin.. #
  • men are like slinkies, they have no practical use whatsoever but still bring a smile to your face when pushed down a flight of stairs.. #
  • aagghhh fuckin porn spam keep messaging me, blocked and reported 5 in last hour #
  • – I want this, its huge! #

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