Oh dear

I received a comment to one of My youtube videos this morning, and felt I had to share…. ‘WTF! Why in the world would a man humalous himself for a women. How can people think this is funy this is just plain mean. Like i for one think its kinda funny. I feel sorry for […]

I dont like you….

Some subs annoy the fuckin shit out of Me…in fact, most subs do. In an ideal world, you’d come along, drop all your money at My feet, then fuck off, but no, you persist in bothering Me. If I want to have an intelligent conversation, Ill talk to My dog, not a man. Do not […]


Im really off you creeps right now. Not that I ever liked you, I just hate you even more right now. Im having some time out. I only do this because I enjoy it, and every so often the enjoyment goes away for a while. When Im not enjoying Myself Im not gonna be here, […]